• CLASSIC Series
    Remembrance of the most elegant time. CⅡ古典Series...
    An interpretation of new life experience. CⅠ現代Series...
  • GUINEVERE Series
    Classic design gives off distinctive inner beauty. Guinevere Series perfectly...
  • CAMILLE Series
    Featuring the modern art, Camille can meet your requirements on life...
  • ESQUNALE Series
    Elegant design is with steady, and implicit expression is with luxury....
  • ZL系列
    Conspicuous in its absence, a space of ultimate luxury.
  • GA Series
    Decorate your space with the new standard of beauty.
  • GO Series
    Organic forms for your nature well-being.
  • GR Series
    Geometric shapes that sparkle.
  • GS Series
    Set the standard for everyday beauty.
  • LB series
    The simplest designs can be the most beautiful.
  • LN series
    Classical elegance for a new today.
  • LC series
    Flowing curves that look better everyday.
  • LF series
    Breathe new life into your bathroom.
  • Galaline Materials
    Galaline of TOTO is born with noble, mellow...
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